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It is important to know your legal rights before you make any decision. Blau & Kriege offer an initial free consultation for all legal matters, so you understand your rights and options. For clients who are injured or who have lost loved ones, we will help you understand the legal process of a personal injury or wrongful death claim so you know, first, if you have a claim and, second, the risk and benefits of pursuing that claim in a lawsuit.

Contingent Fees in Personal Injury Cases

In auto crash, truck crash, slip and fall, and most personal injury cases our fees are based on a one third contingency fee basis (33.33%) plus any costs we advance in pursuing your case. For example, if a case settles for $75,000, our fee is $25,000. That leaves $50,000. But if we loan $5,000 during the case to hire experts, pay for medical reports, and pay for deposition costs then the net to the client is $45,000. In the event a case is lost the “no recovery no fee” rule applies and you owe nothing — not even the costs that are advanced on your behalf. We only accept malpractice cases on a 40% contingency fee basis because of the high risk involved in handling these cases.

Important point: A police officer or insurance adjuster may tell you Kentucky is a “No Fault” state. However, “No Fault” does not mean “no responsibility.” The person at fault for causing the accident and your injuries is still responsible for paying your medical bills, lost wages and impairment to earn an income, pain and suffering, anxiety, and even for the inconvenience caused.

Other Rates, Retainers and Additional Information

In hourly billed cases we charge $195 per hour and may require a retainer. In estate cases we may charge hourly or on a 2% to 5% basis of the gross value of the estate. This decision is usually based on the complexity of the estate.

We encourage you to learn more about all of our legal services and why clients choose us. Contact Blau & Kriege today to schedule your free consultation.

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