Case Results

Bob Blau has achieved millions of dollars for clients in trials and settlements over the years, including numerous car crash claims and multiple jury trial verdicts for people injured seriously in car crashes. Please keep in mind that the success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. We cannot guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved.

$2.7 Million Jury Verdict

for a minor child whose mother was killed when a tractor trailer crossed the median and hit them head on.

$150,000 awarded to driver in head on collision where each driver was found to be 50% at fault.

Bob Blau’s client was driving up a steep hill on U.S. 27 in Falmouth when a vehicle coming down the hill crossed the center line and headed straight for her. She weaved left to try to avoid the collision as the other driver pulled back into his lane. The cars crashed in the center of the highway, making it difficult to determine which party was at fault. Thus the 50/50 split verdict. Bob Blau’s client suffered serious facial injuries, a closed brain injury, and fractures.

$1,607,238 to a women seriously injured when a box of exploding targets were exploded accidentally in the Land, Air and Sea gun and uniform supply store.

A customer accidentally discharged his pistol into the box of targets. The targets exploded, causing a chain reaction with other ammunition which resulted in a fire as well. Bob Blau’s client escaped the building but suffered a severe concussion, flash burns and trauma, which resulted in her suffering from post traumatic pain syndrome / PTSD. A lawsuit was filed against the North Carolina manufacturer of the targets as they were clearly illegally manufactured and marketed in violation of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms regulations. The lawsuit also asserted product liability claims and defective product claims. The box contained no warnings, was inadequately designed and was not guarded.

$167,000 for a medical doctor whose malpractice insurance company negligently breached the insurance contract.

This was a unique case based on old railroad tort injury law. A person could sue a railroad company if they were negligently put off the train at the wrong depot and they then were injured walking home. The contract was to be delivered to the correct location. In the doctors case, he had to defend a malpractice claim without the aid of his insurance. The negligence was in refusing to assist him. The jury agreed and awarded him $167,000.

Six figure settlement against a garbage truck manufacturer.

The client’s hand was amputated when a hydraulic shaft was allowed to exist without any guard. The man got onto the side of the truck, reached up to hold on, and the shaft closed down and crushed and cut off 4 fingers — leaving only his thumb. The claim based on a defective product was quite obvious. An engineer was retained who, using cardboard, demonstrated how easily this accident could have been avoided. He folded the cardboard around the opening, closing off the inadvertent access. The manufacturer promptly settled.

Six figure settlement with an amusement park gyroscope manufacturer.

The gyroscope operator spun the gyroscope around excessively, causing the blood of our client to rush to his head and making him lose consciousness. He suffered burst veins in his face, a brain injury, swelling of his optic nerve, and a speech impediment which required speech therapy. The machine was defective, lacked adequate warnings, and was negligently designed. Furthermore operator training was totally inadequate and careless.

Six figure settlement against a hay mower manufactured, designed and produced in Japan.

The mower blades were not guarded properly and debris rocks were picked up and thrown directly at the operator on the tractor. Bob Blau’s client was watching his line/path when a rock was thrown up and hit him in the eye, blinding him in that eye. The mower and tractor were taken to an engineer testing lab in Chicago, where it was demonstrated and proven that the mower guard was inadequate and did not protect the operator from objects struck and thrown by the mower blades. A PVC pipe was placed above the blades and rocks were dropped through the pipe above the blades. A piece of foam board was placed in the tractor driver seat. The rock hits to the foam board proved the guard to be defective. The engineer, based on this study, wrote and had adopted an ANSI standard to prevent this accident from reoccurring.

$18,000 verdict awarded to a women who was rear ended by her live in boyfriend.

She was at a traffic light and his car was behind her. He bent over to pick up a piece of lint from the floor and his foot slid off the brake and he rolled into her. She had already suffered prior injuries from a previous rear end collision. She was thus fragile and easily re-injured. The Insurance company claimed it was a tap with no visible car damage. Thus she could not have been hurt. But the the jury did not buy it.