About Blau & Kriege PLLC, Cold Springs Kentucky Law Firm

The law firm was founded by A. J. Jolly and Bernie Blau in the 1970s. Robert Blau joined the firm in 1982 and became the managing in partner 1988. Gregory Kriege joined the firm in July of 1988 and made partner in 1996. A. J. Jolly was well known and highly respected in the community, having served as County Judge for 16 years. He was an excellent trial attorney as well. He was a mentor to Bob Blau, allowing Bob to act as co-counsel in several jury trials.

The law firm primarily focuses on personal injury such as truck crashes, auto crashes, slip and fall and motorcycle crashes. Bob Blau also handles defective product cases like defective seat belts and air bags, unguarded machinery, and defective tires. Bob also handles malpractice and nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Greg Kriege primarily focuses on workers' compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims. He also handles probate and estate matters as well as real estate closings and deed preparation.

Why Choose Us


Experience makes a huge difference. The attorneys at Blau & Kriege each have over 34 years of experience and have been handling cases in our area of expertise for all these years.


It is important to hire a lawyer who has appeared in front of the judges who may hear your case. Knowing what a judge expects from the lawyers is important.


Bob Blau is recognized in a publication called “The Kentucky Trial Court Review” as having one of the highest jury verdicts in Campbell, Kenton, Boone, and Pendleton counties. His highest verdict was $2.7 million for a child whose mother was killed in a head on collision with a truck that crossed over the median.

We Are the Truck Crash Guys

If you are unable to come to our office to meet, we will come to your home or to the hospital — whatever it takes to help protect your rights.

The "Truck Crash Guys" was created by Bob Blau after discovering how deadly truck crashes are. A person in a car has little chance of survival when run over or run into by a Semi Tractor truck. Bob won a $2.7 million dollar jury verdict in a truck crash, and has settled other cases where people have been killed in crashes with trucks or were killed as a result of truck retread being thrown off in the middle of the interstate. Truck tire retreads are a serious danger and cause multiple collisions yearly. Car crashes are nearly as deadly and are often the result of distracted driving.

It’s also important to know that, even though Kentucky is a “No Fault” state, that does not mean “No Responsibility!” A negligent careless distracted driver that hurts you is RESPONSIBLE for paying for your lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, inconvenience, permanent injuries, impairment to your ability to earn wages, and all economic losses. If someone kills a loved one of yours, you are entitled to all future lost earnings, economic losses, funeral expenses, and loss of the love affection and services of the person who was killed.

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Please come meet with us. Let us help you through this difficult process. We can explain the process, the rules and the law, as well as answer your questions and provide the guidance you need and deserve.

Make sure you call us before you speak with the insurance company representative/adjuster. The first meeting is free, no joke. We are glad to help people injured, or who had a loved one killed, in all of Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you.

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