Northern Kentucky Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Most pedestrian accidents in Northern Kentucky occur because the driver was distracted or his or her vision was impaired. The A-pillar can also be a blind spot and prevent a pedestrian from being seen, but a driver has a duty to know the blind spots and use extra caution. A thorough investigation must be conducted immediately — skid marks measured, traffic lights timed, accident reconstruction expert sent to the scene, photographs taken, vehicle damage examined, electronic control module aka black box computer download obtained, and witness statements obtained by my investigator. There are a lot of details to consider in this type of accident.

Pedestrian Accidents Need to Be Investigated by Your Attorney

The police will write an accident report, but it will simply note the names of the parties, owner of the vehicle, and usually a short paragraph of facts, except if someone is killed. In that event, a more thorough investigation may be conducted to see if the driver should be charged with a criminal offense. If a death is involved, police may conduct an accident reconstruction and interview witnesses. However, the police are not accident reconstruction engineers, and they are not working for you. The reports often seem unfavorable towards the victims. That’s why you need an attorney involved immediately.

Attorney Bob Blau will see that an accident reconstruction and investigation start immediately. He has an on-call accident reconstruction and investigation team that can visit any accident scene in Kentucky. Having experts like this working on your case immediately can make a significant difference.

What to Do if You Are in a Pedestrian Accident

Here is what you should do if you are involved in a pedestrian accident:

  • Take pictures, if you can, or ask someone there to use your phone to take pictures
  • Get witnesses names and license plate numbers
  • Go to the hospital immediately
  • Call someone to go to the accident scene to take pictures, collect witness information, and document what happened

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