My insurance company is not paying for the full cost to repair of my car. I owe more money than the insurance company has offered to pay. What should I do?

If the accident was not your fault, the insurance company may try to get away without paying full damages.  You should call a lawyer.  You are entitled to the fair market value of your car.  You are also entitled to the loss of use of your car.  That means you are entitled to a rental car from the insurance company of the driver who hit you.  You are entitled to a rental car of equivalent size and value of your car.  If you drive a full size car, you are entitled to a full size rental car even a van not a mini-car.  You should obtain copies of advertisements from the newspaper, from the auto dealers and from the internet on Ebay or other such source for cars comparable to yours that are being offered for sale.  That is how to establish the fair market value of your car.  You may look at Kelly Blue Book or the NADA.  You can also call the property valuation administrator’s office and ask them to look up the value of your car for you which is the taxed value of your car. 

Let me help you through this difficult process.