Six figure settlement against a hay mower manufactured, designed and produced in Japan.

The mower blades were not guarded properly and debris rocks were picked up and thrown directly at the operator on the tractor. Bob Blau's client was watching his line/path when a rock was thrown up and hit him in the eye, blinding him in that eye. The mower and tractor were taken to an engineer testing lab in Chicago, where it was demonstrated and proven that the mower guard was inadequate and did not protect the operator from objects struck and thrown by the mower blades. A PVC pipe was placed above the blades and rocks were dropped through the pipe above the blades. A piece of foam board was placed in the tractor driver seat. The rock hits to the foam board proved the guard to be defective. The engineer, based on this study, wrote and had adopted an ANSI standard to prevent this accident from reoccurring.