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I help wrongful death victims and the families who lost a love one file and prove their cases. Hiring an experienced wrongful death attorney is very important for you and your family. My 35 years of experience in the Courtroom makes a difference. Insurance companies know my record and my success in trials. This makes a difference.

Le me help you get fair and just compensation from all the responsible parties for your loss!

When a family member has been a wrongful death victim you will need an experienced injury lawyer who cares about you as a person and is dedicated to fighting for you to get most compensation for the loss of you and your families loss of a loved one.

I am here to help you answer your questions that you may have about your wrongful death claim. Please call me if you prefer this method of communication. I know I do.

I am here to make sure you know your legal rights about filling a wrongful death lawsuit, the time period when a lawsuit must be filed, your right to collect funeral expenses, lost income and medical expenses and the loss of love and affection of your family member.

Bob Blau as a wrongful death lawyer has over 35 years of successfully litigating accident and wrongful death claims.

Bob has won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for his clients.

Bob takes these cases on a contingency fee basis and does not get paid unless you do!

In Kentucky, most injury and wrongful death cases must be filed within one year of the death or in auto accidents within two years of the date of the accident. Thus, it is very important you call right away before the time period runs out.

I know when you search wrongful death or death injury cases that there is a large Internet response with many lawyers and lawyer referral services coming up. Please click on my website and look at my experience and my results. You need to hire an attorney with real trial experience, not obtain a referral to an attorney who does not have his/her own website and who pays non lawyers for the referral.