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Property Owners Are Responsible for Slip, Trip and Fall / Stairway Accidents

In Kentucky, property owners have a duty and responsibility to maintain their property and keep it in a condition that is safe for people who come there. They are required to maintain their property in a way that is free of dangerous conditions like wet floors, oil on pavement, ice, broken stairs or handrails, and drop offs. If you or a loved one is injured because someone is negligent or careless in the maintenance of their property, then that person or business is responsible for your injuries.

What to Do if You Have a Slip and Fall Accident

You may think that the injury is just temporary, that you will make a speedy recovery, and that you will be done with it. But do not make this mistake. You should go to a hospital or an urgent care facility and have your sore areas and injuries examined by a doctor.

Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents result in serious injuries and even death. Broken ankles, legs, back injuries, arm, and wrist injuries are common. Head injuries are a frequent result of falling and can cause severe trauma, bruising of the brain, and death. You could be in for extended medical treatment, lost wages, and other unforeseen damages, all as the result of an unexpected fall.

Thus, you need to contact Bob Blau immediately. Bob uses Kevin Rider, PhD, a human factors engineer to investigate falls and the area where it occurred to determine the cause.. The human factors engineer will explain the mechanism of falling and why you fell. He also will provide expertise in code violations such as stair systems without handrails or defective rails; stairs whose tread height or width are not the same, which causes people to fall; and why people do not see water or liquid on floors and fall. If you have fallen, you need to contact Bob Blau to help you through this complex process. .Do not let your case be lost because of the cost of an expert. Experts are critical in many cases to provide opinion testimony about why a person fell and about what caused them to fall.

In Kentucky. you must file your lawsuit within one year. If you do not file the lawsuit in one year you will lose your claim. There are a number of factors that need to be reviewed to determine if someone was negligent or careless in causing your fall. Northern Kentucky attorney Robert Blau is skilled in handling these cases. It is important to contact him immediately, as there are a number of factors that need to be reviewed to determine if someone was negligent in causing your fall.

Document the Property Condition

It is important to document the condition of the property that caused your injuries before the property is fixed, cleaned, or changed. Photographs and measurements are very important and must be collected quickly. They will help determine and/or prove:

  • Was the condition of the property dangerous?
  • Was the owner aware, or should the owner have been aware of the condition?
  • Did the owner have a reasonable opportunity to fix or warn others of the condition?
  • Was there a building code violation, fire code, or life safety code violation?

Most businesses have video surveillance cameras where your fall is recorded. It is very important to make sure this video is preserved. Bob Blau will immediately request a copy of the video to ensure this evidence is preserved. That is another reason not to delay contacting Bob Blau.

A human factors expert is frequently hired by attorney Robert Blau to explain the mechanism of the fall, why the property was dangerous, and why a person would not be aware of the danger until it was too late.

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