When will the insurance company settle my case?

Do not settle your case.  You are in control of your case.  If a lawyer wants you to settle your case for less than what you think it is worth, call a different lawyer.  Lawyers are allowed to consult with you, even if you already have another lawyer.  There is a big difference between a settling lawyer and a trial lawyer.

An insurance company will settle your case when you make an offer.  Insurance companies, these days, send insurance adjusters to your home very quickly after an accident to get a statement and to make an offer.  If you are hurt, do not accept the offer.  Injuries in auto accidents frequently take a long time to recover from and some times are permanent.  Do not take money because you need the money.  Do not take the money because the insurance adjuster indicates it is a fair amount. 

Talk to a lawyer. Let me help you through this difficult process.