What is my case worth?

There is no given rule about the value of an injury.  The best way to appraise and tell the value or the worth of your case is to let a jury decide.  Generally, though, insurance companies evaluate cases and experienced lawyers also evaluate cases and assist in determining what the case is worth based on past experience.  However, you are in control of what your case is worth.  If the insurance company is not offering enough money, don’t’ take it.  Let a jury decide.

Ask your lawyer to use a focus group to assist in evaluating your case.  A focus group is a group of twelve to eighteen people who are given a summary of the facts of your case and of your injuries and then collectively provide input as to what they think the value of the case is.  This is usually good guide.  The focus group acts in much the same way a jury operates.

Let me help you through this difficult process.