The insurance adjuster and police officer told me that Kentucky is a no fault state, do I lose my right to sue for my injuries?

It is very common for insurance adjuster and police officer to tell a person that Kentucky is a no fault state implying that there is no remedy for injuries caused by an auto accident.  This is not true.  No fault means you have health insurance in your auto policy.  Every person in Kentucky gave up their right to sue if they did not incur a $1,000.00 in medical bills or suffer a permanent injury or fracture to a weight bearing bone.  This condition though rarely applies.  If you have been to the hospital as a result of the accident, you have probably already incurred more than a $1,000.00 in medical bills.  An injury to the muscle in your back and neck can also be permanent.  A scar is permanent.  You have the right to recover for injuries in accidents in Kentucky.  “NO FAULT DOES NOT MEAN NO RESPONSIBILITY.”

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