I have a headache and don’t remember the accident, what should I do?

Head injuries and brain injuries are very common in auto accidents and are frequently undiagnosed.  If you lost consciousness or do not remember parts of the accident, you probably did hurt your brain.  These are called “closed head injuries.”  Doctors frequently ignore them or mis-diagnose them.  You need to be persistent in your complaints.  If you are sensitive to light, have lost part of your memory of the events of the day, have a headache, feel pressure in your eye or have difficulty focusing, you have likely suffered a brain injury.  You need to go to a neurologist or neuro-psychologist.  You may even want to go to an ophthalmologist to have him look at your optic nerve for evidence of swelling.  You should also go back to the emergency room if the pain persists.  You may insist on an MRI or a CT scan.  You may even insist on having imaging contrast used for the MRI or CT scan to help diagnose what is going on. 

Let me help you through this difficult process.  You may need a spouse, parent or friend help you with being persistent in getting a full evaluation.