I am not getting better, what should I do?

If you have not seen a doctor already, you need to see a doctor.  If you hurt your back or neck, or any place else, see your family doctor.  If you have been to your family doctor and he keeps telling you that you will get better in a few weeks, but you are not, go see an orthopaedic doctor, neuro-surgeon or chiropractor.  You do not need your family doctor to refer you to a specialist.  If you see a chiropractor and are not getting better from being treated by the chiropractor, move on to a neurologist or orthopaedist or visa versa.  Some people get better by doing physical therapy.  Some people get better using a chiropractor.  Some people get better using a pain management/anesthesiologist by getting trigger point injections.  There is no rule.  Try each one for a while and see if any help.  But you must go to a doctor.

Let me help you through this difficult process.